Food of July

The food, this holiday is all about the food for me.  


Adapt and Overcome

Living the dream isn’t possessing anything. It’s a feeling of being greatful for what you do have.  Believing in a great experience over any object. Having a cheerful heart in communications to all you touch. If you do have a time of hardship just adapt the dream and overcome the obstacle. Always with a full belly, B.

Sometimes Pizza Happens

I work hard to make sure we eat mostly homemade food. Mostly because it is healthier and I do enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.  Although the Saturday plans were thrown off a little and we had pizza for dinner but lunch was homemade chicken and rice soup (made the day before) and a fresh warm loaf of bread. The soup was planned for lunch and hamburger casserole was planned for dinner but things changed and the beef was made into crockpot chili for Monday’s supper.  Sunday afternoon was chicken with fixings and the banana bread loaf didn’t make it to noon. 

Friday’s dinner of stuffed steak was amazing and I will never make it another way again! It was made in a crock pot with a cream soup based sauce.  The other highlight of the weekend was the last football party of the year, or maybe a low light due to the fact the Steelers were not playing. I made my most requested dip, jalapeño popper, both recipes below.
Stuffed Steak w bread stuffing

I buy the thin steaks you can also buy thick steaks and butterfly cut them whichever you prefer. I always rub any beef I cook for the steaks I rubbed them with garlic powder, salt and McCormick Montreal steak seasoning very lightly since they are thin.  I then stuffed them with stove top, I was out of my homemade stuffing mix I keep in the freezer, and tied them with cooking string.  I placed them into a crock pot covered with sauce and cooked on low for six hours.

Sauce: one can cream soup, tablespoon steak sauce, tablespoon dried onions and teaspoon (or one cube) beef bullion. You can substitute French onion soup mix and a can of cream soup.
Jalapeño popper dip

2 blocks 8oz cream cheese softened 

Small can of each diced jalapeño and smoked green chilies

Half cup of mayo

Half cup of parm cheese

Cup of shredded cheddar (or mexi blend)

Mix all together until well blended and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes until bubbly. Serve with good friends and cold drinks.

Adapt and Over Cook

There are two main things we do in our home. Adapt to situations and problems by making adjustments as needed and to learn from past experiences to continue to do better. I enjoy cooking, my man likes to eat, and I love my man As a team we are flexible partners, sweet lovers and best friends.  

We also keep mindful that our blessings come from God. We have each other. Two smart and caring shared children. To four legged family members. A warm and comfortable home. Great people close to us to share this life with.   xoxo B